Flourish Formulas
The Flourish line of twelve formulas encompasses the most fundamental body-soul healing issues
facing people of all ages and lifestyles, including foundational remedies for animal care.
While each formula has a specific keynote, the entire Flourish line encompasses a broad-based healing
approach for those new to flower essence therapy, or for those who require basic catalysts to initiate a healing response.

The Flourish formulas are available in spray bottles for ease of application and sanitation, i.e.,
sharing one bottle in relief work, during times of natural disasters, in busy clinics, etc.

The 12 Flourish formulas include:
Activ-8, Animal Rescue Formula, Fear-Less, Gaia Green,
Grief Relief, Illumine, Kinder Garden, Magenta Self-Healer, Mind-Full,
Post-Trauma Stabilizer, Sacred Heart, and Grace (formerly known as White Goddess).

Primary Indications:
* Each formula represents years of research and careful consideration in order to develop
efficacious, synergistic components that form a greater wholeness.

* Many factors are taken into consideration in the development of each formula,
including botanical signature, color, form and environmental habitat of the flowers,
as well as key healing themes and flower affinities demonstrated through years of clinical research.

* Each Flourish formula is designed to address foundational body-soul healing issues.
Their role is to clear and stabilize, so that more individualized flower essences can be of greater impact.

* The Flourish formulas are easy to understand and select for self-healing, or can be used as
entry level remedies for large populations in clinics, hospitals or relief centers.

* Each formula is carefully calibrated and hand-potentized by FES with meditation, prayer
and positive dedication. As each petal contributes to the whole flower, each
component of the Flourish formulas is alchemically combined to form a
greater whole that shines with radiance and clarity.

* All of the ingredients in each Flourish formula are grown and formulated according
to the highest standards of purity and integrity. They are certified Biodynamic®,
with certified organic and ethically wild-harvested ingredients.