Deep peace for those living with life-limiting illness

Primary Indications:
*Supports conscious dying
*To assist with spiritual surrender when facing the life passage of death
*When experiencing extreme physical hardship associated with illness, disease
*To experience connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm and angelic realm
*Relief from states of fear, loneliness, and anxiety experienced by the departing soul
*For protection during the threshold experience of death
*Aids the soul in leaving the physical body peacefully and gracefully when dying

Note: Methods of administration include oral, topical, or misting. The most commonly used method for those living with life-limiting illness is topical application. Spray on the pulse point inside the wrist, lightly rub in the mixture, then apply gentle pressure for a minute or so while breathing deeply. For the misting method, lightly mist around the whole body, the head, and surrounding body space. Be sure to close eyes and remove glasses before doing so. This method is excellent for children.

Peace-Full features:

Alpine Aster – Supports body-free consciousness; freeing the spiritual body from the physical body – addresses fear of death.

Angel’s Trumpet
– Supports spiritual surrender; opens the heart to the spiritual world; deep peace – addresses fear of death.

– Offers protection and benevolence from the Angelic realms – addresses loneliness.

– Supports acceptance of one’s own mortality; shifting awareness from lower Self to higher Self – addresses fear of death & mortality.

Forget-Me-Not – Supports connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm; spiritualizing the love currents of the heart – addresses spiritual isolation.

– Supports soul and spiritual insight and transcendence – addresses personalization of emotional & physical pain and suffering.

Mariposa Lily
– Supports connection with the Divine Mother; feeling surrounded by a mantle of warmth and love – addresses feelings of abandonment.

– Offers courage to accept and endure suffering – addresses extreme physical hardship.

Walnut – Supports the life passage of death; letting go; transitions – addresses inability to let go and transition.

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